Salam Publishers

Spreading peace through knowledge...

Who are we?


We are a dynamic research and publication center committed to spread Islamic teachings across the world in an outstanding manner.


What are our aims and objectives?


Following are our aims and objectives at a glance:

1.     To serve the religious cause than merely focusing on financial gains;

2.     To present the traditional Islamic teachings, keeping in view the trends of the present age;

3.     To publish the Holy Quran alongwith brief, comprehensive and authentic explanatory notes;

4.     To publish Islamic literature i.e., Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Seerah, biographical sketches of Sahabah and Muslim saints etc. on contemporary patterns;

5.     To publish the un-published works of the authentic Muslim scholars;

6.     To develop and publish Islamic fiction series for Muslim children;

7.     To conduct research on the contemporary issues of society in the light of Islamic sources of guidance;

8.     To assign the projects of translating the valued Islamic works into international languages and finally publish them;

9.     To build a strong network with Muslim scholars, researchers and organizations working all over the world;

10.           To maintain standard and quality in both research and publication.



What is our future plan?


We, Salam Publishers, intent to be a leading international hub of quality Islamic research and publication free from the clutches of sectarian and biased factors.



Why should you join us?


Following are the reasons:

1)    To take part in the service of Islam in an academic manner

2)    To spread the teachings of Islam internationally

3)    To get your Islamic research works published

4)    To enhance the circulation of your publications

5)    To gain both financial and religious benefits



What are the ways to join us?


Following are the different ways to join us:

        As an author/researcher

        As a publisher

        As an investor for Dunya (the World) and Akhirah (the Hereafter)

        As a donor

        As an Islamic organization


1)   As an author/researcher:

If you are an author or researcher, you can avail the following benefits by joining us:

        You can get your works published on reasonable cost.

        We will make a wide circulation (local, national and international) of your work after publishing it.

        You can get the facility of reviewing, modifying and revising your work before publication.

        If your work seems fit to our standards and meets our priorities, we may give you an opportunity to get it published free of cost.


2)   As a publisher:

If you are a publishing agency, you can avail the following benefits by joining us:

        We can serve as your authorized dealer.

        We will broaden the circulation area of your products.

        We will assure the availability of your products in the market.


3)   As an investor for Dunya (the World) and Akhirah (the Hereafter):

If you are an investor, you can avail the following benefits by joining us:

        You will earn profit as well as get capital returned according to the terms and conditions.

        This investment in the sector of publishing Islamic books will enable you to enjoy the benefits of Akhirah (the Hereafter) in the form of Sawab by having good intention.


4)   As a donor:

If you join us as a donor, you can take part in our mission by any of the following ways:

        Getting Islamic books published for free distribution;

        Purchasing our published Islamic material for free distribution;

        Subsidizing some Islamic books for the benefits of Muslim masses.


5)   As an Islamic organization:

If you help us as an Islamic organization, you can take part in our mission by any of the following ways:

        Joining us as a mission partner;

        Sharing your activities with us;

        Purchasing our franchise anywhere your organization is based;

        Giving the link or aid of Salam Publishers in the magazines, periodicals or any other publishing material of your organization;


How can you officially join us?

If you are willing to join us in our dynamic and blessed mission, fill in the following form and send it to us via email or mail it directly to our given address.


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